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Sharp Laser/Inkjet/Fax Cartridges


Manufacturer Product Code  Description  Yield  Category  Printer Models 
Sharp AL100TD Sharp AL100T Toner Dev 6000 pages COPIER AL1000, 1200, 1215, 1216, 1220, 1225, 1530, 2035
Sharp AR168LT Sharp AR168T Toner Dev 8000 pages COPIER ARM155
Sharp AR202T Sharp AR202T Toner 16000 pages COPIER ARM160, 161, 162, 205, 207, AR163, 201, 202, 206, 5316
Sharp SHTOAR27000 Sharp AR270T Toner 25000 pages COPIER AR215, 235, 270, 275, ARM236, 276
Sharp AR455LT Sharp AR455LT Toner Cartridge 35000 pages COPIER ARM351U, ARM451, MXM350, MXM450
Sharp FO59DC Sharp FO59DC Toner Dev Cart 6000 pages FAX FODC500, FO5900
Sharp AM30DC Sharp AM30DC Toner Cartridge 3000 pages LASER AM400
Sharp AM90DR Sharp AM90DR Drum Unit 20000 Pages LASER AM400
Sharp FO3CR Sharp FO3CR Imaging Film 95 pages FAX FO780, FO781, FO785, FO880, FO885
Sharp FO31CR Sharp FO31CR Imaging Film 100 pages FAX FOP710, FOA760
Sharp FOC60B Sharp FOC60B/UXC70B Blk Ink 600 pages FAX UXB30, UXBA50, FOB1600
Sharp UXC80B Sharp UXC80B Blk Ink Cartridge 800 pages INK UXB800
Sharp FO9CR Sharp FO9CR Imaging Film 188 Pages FAX FOD60, FOP610, FOP600, 610, 630, A650, A660

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